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Modernist Furniture


The word ''modern'' often makes us think about the present or recent years, but sometimes it actually refers to the past.

Modernism was an artistic movement that started in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century and is generally considered to have developed until the 1950s. Many artists of the time believed that the previous styles were outdated and didn't meet the needs of the industrialized world. So the goal of modernism was to define a new aesthetic for the modern world. It touched all forms of art and design, including furniture.

Modernist furniture became known for its sober character and undecorated elegance, with comfort and functionality often being the priority and ornaments being considered unnecessary. Also, the furniture pieces were conceived to be affordable and easily mass-produced.

Modernist furniture actually dates from decades ago, and after almost 100 years, many of those designs still have that up-to-date look, as if they had just been designed yesterday. Many pieces of modernist furniture continue to be produced and sold today. Their elegant and modern look make them a frequent choice for the decoration of houses, offices, and even film sets.

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