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            Antonio Remondini

Antonio Remondini brand is focused chenille fabrics. This soft fabric will give you a pleasure while you cover your home with latest design of Italian Fashion. Especially Sofa Covers and Tapestries are niche in the market, by this way, you can cover your sofa or wall with our latest design of the best quality fabrics for many long years. These sofa covers and tapestries will be the best decor in your living area. You will have great decor while protecting your sofa. With this great design coverage, you will also use your sofa’s many long years.


You can create little touches with these modern and characteristics frames and pillow covers to bringing a new breath to your Living Space and Workspace. Our designs and patterns for your places are coming to life with your choices. Are you looking for decors for the living room, bedroom, children's room or working area? Our Dutch design products will create a new atmosphere at home and make you feel happy. 

Post Modern


Our products suitable for every style offer you different worlds with colorful, fun, passionate, popular, traditional, and modern patterns.

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